Cryptid Chronicle #1


Cryptid Chronicle #1

CryptidsBk1-300x256There are monsters in virtually every backyard around the world. Legends and stories passed down from generation to generation among native peoples that speak of these creatures, which are so elusive only a relative few ever see them. Some of these unknown species are well documented with multiple eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence like “Bigfoot” and “The Loch Ness Monster”.  Over the course of this Cryptid Chronicle series we will look at the more famous and lesser known creatures that keep cryptozoologists in pursuit across the globe.

Asia: The Ahool

tumblr_ostgd63QEf1wurpyfo2_250 Ahool depiction. Note the primate face.

In the Java jungle region of Indonesia there is a legend of a flying cryptid most say is a large bat like creature. The name ahool comes from what locals say is a strange cry the bat makes at night, usually three times in succession.  It is described as having bat…

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They got me…and I am glad


In the summer of 1985 I happened across an HBO documentary on UFO phenomenon. As I recall the last featured case involved the strange eyewitness accounts of Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum, as well as that of Vicky’s grandson Colby, which captivated a 13 year old me and it left me with a lasting hunger to learn more about UFO’s.

cashlan featured

Around 9 pm on the evening of December 29, 1980 the trio were returning home from dinner out in the rural woods near Dayton, Texas, when they spotted a bright light in the distance. Initially, they dismissed the light as a plane headed to Houston Intercontinental airport which is less than 40 miles away. Eventually they happened upon this light which was very near the road. They described the light as very bright which generated intense heat. Betty and Vicky described seeing an object that was “diamond shaped”. They also…

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Thank You

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