Hovering White Globe

It was a cool Autumn evening in 1991 north of Charleston, West Virginia.  My mother and I were preparing dinner. My sister had a friend over, they were watching a movie in the living room, probably ‘Ghost’ for the tenth time. I was at the kitchen sink, when I noticed a white, globe above the hill behind the house.  I initially thought it may be a planet. Then I realized it was too close and could tell it was actually hovering above the hill. I went outside letting everyone know that something strange was hovering near the house. Everyone followed me out. It was too dark to climb up the hill…had we even wanted to do so. I remember we moved around the base of the mountain able to determine that it was in fact an orb that was like nothing man made we had seen.  It was a solid looking globe shaped light. Relatively bright. It seemed to be 15 to 20 feet above the tree line closest to the side of the hill nearest to the house.

France Orb #1

(The orb/globe we experienced was similar to this UFO caught in France. UFOSightingsDaily)

We we each observed the light for the better part of 45 minutes, during this time the orb never moved.  We decided to go inside to eat the dinner that was already cold. We gathered around the dinner table, I went back to the kitchen sink for a glass of water.  I looked out the window from which I had first spotted the orb and it was no longer there. I went back outside to see if it had moved. Looking all around the hill, and up in the sky, it had gone.. This was the only time we had seen anything like the strange light at the house. There were no smartphones in those days and we were too caught up in talking about the object and trying to determine what it was, we never thought to take a picture. We never thought to report the UFO.

Since the late 1990’s, I have frequented online UFO communities in the hope of finding someone else who may have experienced this sighting or something similar.  Though I haven’t found anyone else besides we four, who saw this odd lighted globe, the search for answers continues.


Ron L

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