They got me…and I am glad

In the summer of 1985 I happened across an HBO documentary on UFO phenomenon. As I recall the last featured case involved the strange eyewitness accounts of Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum, as well as that of Vicky’s grandson Colby, which captivated a 13 year old me and it left me with a lasting hunger to learn more about UFO’s.

cashlan featured

Around 9 pm on the evening of December 29, 1980 the trio were returning home from dinner out in the rural woods near Dayton, Texas, when they spotted a bright light in the distance. Initially, they dismissed the light as a plane headed to Houston Intercontinental airport which is less than 40 miles away. Eventually they happened upon this light which was very near the road. They described the light as very bright which generated intense heat. Betty and Vicky described seeing an object that was “diamond shaped”. They also said the lower portion of this object was emitting flame. The women stated that the light was blinding and there was an intense heat they immediately felt. Betty Cash stated that she stepped out of the car in the hopes of seeing what was causing them such discomfort and if they could drive past this object.

Colby, not quite 7 years old was terrified. Vicky told Colby to not be afraid. She believed in that instant that they were experiencing the return of Jesus Christ.


The heat had been so intense, the metal of the car burned Betty’s hand and Vicky left a hand print in the vinyl of the dashboard. The imprint was confirmed by an investigator.

Once the object began to move away, at this time Betty, Vicky and Colby say they saw 23 black helicopters which were pursuing the object. Their individual testimonies alone were so compelling and credible that I had to learn more…I had been hooked.

Both women experienced physical ailments which they attributed to their experience with the object. They also filed a lawsuit against the US. The suit was dismissed, since the helicopters they had witnessed could not be proven to be government assets.


Article in Weekly World News March 24,1981

Move ahead 10 years and I really start reading more about the paranormal and specifically UFO cases. The details that Betty and Vicky provided in the documentary have always stuck with me.  I found them to be credible.  Something happened out of the ordinary on that night in December 1980.  What the object was isn’t clear yet it adversely affected Betty Cash, Vicky and Colby Landrum.

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Partially relied on memory of the documentary.

Mysterious Universe

Terrifying UFO Encounter That Led to $20 Million Lawsuit Remains A Mystery Almost 40 Years Later



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