Thank You


Thank you to the WordPress community, the paranormal community and my friends at ParUFOG for all of the support.  We are making progress over here.  If you are interested in a discussion of all things paranormal come visit us.

ParUFOG | Paranormal UFO Group Telegram

We discuss UFOs and all things paranormal: cryptids, abductions, ghosts, missing persons, spirituality—whatever satiates your curiosity for the unknown.

Ron L.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Hi Ron, I’m a follower/commenter on your blog and wondered if you could advise on something. I saw something really weird in the sky New Year’s Eve (no, I hadn’t been drinking – I was just starting out for the evening) and wondered who I could ask/inform about it? I thought you might know.
    Thanks in advance, Carol


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