America Haunted: Ed and Lorraine Warren

If you are a horror film fan you have heard of the cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  The hugely popular and well done Conjuring series has been out since 2013, The Amityville Horror was released 40 years ago in 1979. Lorraine passed away this year in April, her husband Ed had died in 2006. Together they had built a reputation as the foremost paranormal researchers and demonologists in the United States. The movies of course take liberties with the actual accounts, which are themselves fascinating and horrifying enough.  There are a number of books that were authored by the Warrens, they also maintained an occult museum filled with demonic relics they stored away for safekeeping. Among these fascinating items is the real “Annabelle” doll. In the video, I ramble about their work in the paranormal community and a bit of the history that Hollywood has made a fortune adapting into horror classics.


Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine who founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952, devoted their lives to the study of the paranormal.  With the aim of helping those plagued by the darker entities which terrorize the living. Ed and Lorraine gave lectures, wrote several books on the topic and of course researched and documented thousands of cases of the paranormal.  Lorraine was a sensitive medium. Ed, who had worked as a police officer, understood investigation techniques.

The Amityville Horror film, released in 1979 was based on the experiences of the Lutz family, which had been documented in a book by Jay Anson, published in 1977.  The Lutz’s moved into the home above in 1975 about 1 year after Ronald DeFeo Jr. had murdered 6 family members in the New York home. The Lutz family moved from the home after just 28 days.

real lutz family

Lutz Family

sneddeker family

Snedeker Family with the Warrens

The Snedeker family moved to a home in Southington, Connecticut, so that they would be closer to the hospital where their youngest son was receiving medical treatment.   The home as the Snedeker’s would soon discover had originally been a mortuary.  The family experienced a wide range of paranormal terror.  Both Allen and Carmen Snedeker claimed to have been sexually abused by “entities” within the home.  The Warrens determined through their investigation that the dark entities were the result of the morticians having abused the corpses.  The Snedeker’s spent 2 years in the home.

Snedekker home

Snedeker Home


Roger and Carolyn Perron moved their 5 daughters into a home which sat on an idyllic 200 acres in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1970.  They immediately began noticing small oddities in the house.  Missing items, flickering lights.  But soon the children began noticing “spirits”.  Carolyn researched the home and discovered that the original owner Bathsheba Thayer Sherman, whom the town had deemed a Satanist.  She is said to have possibly murdered 3 of her 4 children.  The Perron’s sought out the Warren’s for help with the darker entities that haunted the property.  In 2013, a successful Hollywood adaptation was released, based loosely on these experiences in The Conjuring.


Perron Home


Movie Annabelle Left Real Annabelle Right


Lorraine with Annabelle doll and some relics in their occult museum


Bill Ramsey “Southend Werewolf” Essex, London

Ron L.

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I have read several of Warren’s books over the years as well.

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