Mysterious Objects Over Kansas City

Kansas City residents reported seeing 2 unidentified objects in the sky Thursday June 20, 2019.  These white spherical objects had both residents and weather men confused.  One theory suggests they may be balloons that were released in Maryland on June 17, 2019 as part of a DARPA project.  Yet no concrete explanation has been provided. … Continue reading Mysterious Objects Over Kansas City

UFO Pic June 19, 2019

I haven't posted anything for a bit, but this week we have a post I am very excited to share. A couple of days ago on June 19, 2019, Paranormal UFO Group member Sora while photographing very stormy skies in her native Hungary she captured a UFO. She did not notice the UFO/unidentified object until later when … Continue reading UFO Pic June 19, 2019

Card of the Day – Ace of Cups – Friday, March 15, 2019

I enjoy reading this blog.

Tarot by Cecelia

Emotions abound today under the Cancer Moon. The Moon is at home here in Cancer’s watery depths, and joins Neptune, Mercury, the Sun, and the North Node, for an emotional influence to your day. The Ace of Cups is representative of emotional fulfillment, love, intuition, creativity, success, and, today, you have the opportunity for emotions to run the gamut. There will be planetary interactions with Mercury and Jupiter, and the Sun with the North Node. There is a positive influence present in your day, bestowing you with determination to succeed in your changes. Be mindful not to take on too much.

It is possible to feel emotions run either way today, but indeed, the outstretched hand of the Universe is poised to offer you something wonderful. Make yourself available to receive.

See you here tomorrow!

Source:  Sawyer’s Path Tarot

This card was last seen November 4, 2018

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