America Haunted: Ed and Lorraine Warren

If you are a horror film fan you have heard of the cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  The hugely popular and well done Conjuring series has been out since 2013, The Amityville Horror was released 40 years ago in 1979. Lorraine passed away this year in April, her husband Ed had died in … Continue reading America Haunted: Ed and Lorraine Warren

America Haunted: The Lemp Mansion

  What should have been a lasting legacy of beer brewing and American success became a tale of horror and loss for the Lemp family of St. Louis.  Host to tragic illness, three family suicides, cruelty, and debauchery, and what many say is a cast of ghosts, the Lemp mansion which is now an inn … Continue reading America Haunted: The Lemp Mansion