America Haunted: The Lemp Mansion

  What should have been a lasting legacy of beer brewing and American success became a tale of horror and loss for the Lemp family of St. Louis.  Host to tragic illness, three family suicides, cruelty, and debauchery, and what many say is a cast of ghosts, the Lemp mansion which is now an inn … Continue reading America Haunted: The Lemp Mansion

Thank You

Thank you to the WordPress community, the paranormal community and my friends at ParUFOG for all of the support.  We are making progress over here.  If you are interested in a discussion of all things paranormal come visit us. ParUFOG | Paranormal UFO Group Telegram We discuss UFOs and all things paranormal: cryptids, abductions, ghosts, … Continue reading Thank You

Paranormal Files-West Virginia: Greenbrier Ghost

Paranormal Files: West Virginia The ‘Greenbrier Ghost’ When Zona Shue who had just recently been buried began visiting her mother’s bedside over the course of four nights, Mary Heaster was convinced that her daughter had been murdered.  Thus is the basis for one of the most bizarre court cases in US history. The only known … Continue reading Paranormal Files-West Virginia: Greenbrier Ghost