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Welcome to the Paranormal UFO Group


A place to discuss UFOs and all things paranormal: cryptids, abductions, ghosts, missing persons, spirituality—whatever satiates your curiosity for the unknown.


We encourage everyone to share any paranormal experiences, files, links, video or pics. We have a laid back format and welcome all who are interested in the paranormal. We expect that everyone will be courteous and not harass other members either in our group chat(s) or in PM. We all have views, opinions, and belief systems, reasonable people can discuss the paranormal, without bashing the views, opinions, or beliefs of others. Though we might take an occasional crack at “flat earth” theory. 🙂

We cannot stay on topic 100% of the time in a group chat. Yet we should remember the reason we all assemble, involves the sharing of paranormal experiences, stories, and related materials.

Generally speaking, racism, abusive posts, spam, illegal material, blatantly offensive material and obvious trolling will not be tolerated. This is not an attack on free speech, but an agreed to format of civil discourse in a diverse community. It is safe to assume at all times…nobody wants your nude pics gentlemen. The 24 hour media restriction will remain in effect unless lifted by a mod. This restriction is to protect the chat. Since the chat may deal with mature subject matter, membership is restricted to those 16 and older.

If you have any questions or issues please PM an admin.

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